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Poster Showcase Presenters

ArcGIS Application in Building a Bridge between the Homeowners and Utilities

  • Authors: Gilhotra, S. and Gagnon, G.
  • Organization: Dalhousie University
  • Presented by: Shivani Gilhotra, MASc candidate, Dalhousie University
  • Topic area: Public-Private Divide

Assessing Drinking Water Security Threats and Costs: An Initial Costing Framework for Natural Disturbances

  • Authors: Bedjera, S., Lindamood, D., Emelko, M.B. and Brouwer, R.
  • Organization: University of Waterloo
  • Presented by: Sabrina Bedjera, Research Assistant, University of Waterloo
  • Topic area: Climate Change and Water Management

Closing the Loop on Resources Recovery: The Circular Economy

  • Authors: Szoke, N., Holland, D., Umble, A., Andalib, M. and Cherchi, C.
  • Organization: Stantec
  • Presented by: Don Holland, Vice President, Regional Business Leader, Water (Canada East); Nick Szoke, Senior Wastewater Engineer; Art Umble, Global Practice Leader, Wastewater
  • Topic area: Resource Recovery

Developing an Integrated Water Security Program for the Island of Tobago

  • Authors: Atkinson, R.
  • Organization: COLE Engineering Group Ltd.
  • Presented by: Richard Atkinson, Project Coordinator, COLE Engineering Group Ltd.
  • Topic area: Resiliency in Water Management

The Evolution of a Stormwater Utility: A Case Study Example

  • Author: Burnham, A.
  • Organization: Stantec
  • Presented by: Andrew Burnham, Vice President and Global Practice Leader, Financial Services, Stantec
  • Topic area: Affordability and Equity

Green Infrastructure Implementation Planning for Multiple Objectives

  • Authors: Gheith, H., Lu, Q., Dominick, N. and Hunter, K.
  • Organization: Arcadis and The City of Columbus
  • Presented by: Vivek Nemani, Water and Wastewater Specialist, Arcadis
  • Topic area: Resiliency/Innovation in Water Management

Infrastructure Asset Management Readiness Assessment of Ontario Municipal Water Utilities

  • Authors: Schmidt, A. and Knight, M.
  • Organization: University of Waterloo
  • Presented by: Anelisa Schmidt, MASc candidate, University of Waterloo
  • Topic area: Asset Management

An Interactive Online Tool for Customizing Best Management Practices to Reduce Water Consumption

  • Author: Paris, L.-E.
  • Organization: Yamaska Watershed Organization
  • Presented by: Lou Paris, Project Manager, Ecotoxicology, Yamaska Watershed Organization
  • Topic area: Innovation in Water Management

New National Metrics on Water Main Breaks and What We Can Do About It

  • Author: Folkman, S.
  • Organization: Buried Infrastructure Laboratory, Utah State University
  • Presented by: Greg Baird, President, The Water Finance Research Foundation
  • Topic area: Asset Management

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment to Inform Service Delivery Policy in a Changing Climate

  • Authors: Comeau, A., Félio, G., Malueg, J. and Riisnaes, S.
  • Organization: Stantec
  • Presented by: Adrien Comeau, Principal and Wet Weather Flow Team Leader; Guy Felio, Senior Associate; John Malueg, Manager of Resiliency Programs
  • Topic area: Climate Change and Water Management

A Roadmap for Implementing Water Reuse and Resource Recovery in Canada

  • Authors: Ashbolt, N., Springett, J., Neumann, N. and Noga, J.
  • Organization: University of Alberta
  • Presented by: Jacqueline Noga, Social Research Coordinator, School of Public Health, University of Alberta
  • Topic area: Resource Recovery

Targeting Phosphorus Legacies in the Laurentian Great Lakes Watersheds

  • Authors: Van Staden, T., Van Meter, K., Basu, N. and Van Cappellen, P.
  • Organization: University of Waterloo
  • Presented by: Tamara Van Staden, MASc candidate, University of Waterloo
  • Topic area: Watershed and Nutrient Management

Triple Bottom Line-Cost Benefit Analysis for Resilience and Sustainable Designs

  • Authors: Autocase by Impact Infrastructure, Inc.
  • Organization: Autocase by Impact Infrastructure, Inc.
  • Presented by: Erin Bishop, Economist, Autocase by Impact Infrastructure, Inc.
  • Topic area: Affordability, equity and financial sustainability

Using Blockchain to Advance Trust in Water Data: A Case Study of Atlantic Datastream

  • Author: Gunn, G. and Stanley, M.
  • Organization: International Institute for Sustainable Development-Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA)
  • Presented by: Geoff Gunn, Geographer, IISD-ELA
  • Topic area: Innovation in Water Management