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Presentations & Videos

Plenary Presentations

Chantal Morissette

Ville de Montréal

Blue Cities 2016 – Mayors Panel

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Blue Cities 2016 – Canadian Panel

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Blue Cities 2016 – International Panel

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Bernadette Conant

Welcome Remarks

Rob Andrews

Ontario Clean Water Agency

Susan Ancel

EPCOR Water Services

Mayor Videos


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Vancouver (Part 1)

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Vancouver (Part 2)

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Concurrent Presentations

Impacts and risk identification for the new normal

What are the impacts of extreme weather and unforeseen events on our municipal water systems that are dominant elements of risk to our public, environmental and economic health? How can we move to more proactive, event-based thinking in response?

Steve E. Hrudey

Risk Identification for the New Normal

Monica Emelko

Changing Climate and Water Supply Resiliency: Finding Another New Normal

Blair Feltmate

Climate Change and Extreme Weather: The Need to Adapt… Rapidly

Meredith Hamstead

Water Resilience: Lessons from the Kootenay

Nancy Kodousek

Region of Waterloo

The business of getting to sustainable systems

There is little debate on the need for effective and sustainable water systems. The real challenge is how to maximize investments to achieve the goals of sustainability and resilience. What are the key questions and options for Canadian communities?

Bryan Karney

The next generation of infrastructure arguments

Steven Renzetti

The Business of Getting to Sustainable Systems: Rate-setting

Erica Spitzig

Flint, Michigan: A Water Infrastructure Call to Action

Kirk Stinchcombe

Financing Sustainable Water Services

John St. Marseille

The Business of Getting to Sustainable Systems: Cornwall’s Blueprint

Infrastructure and planning approaches for more resilient systems

Resiliency is an increasingly important concept in planning for a strong future for our communities. What are the options and elements of effective lifecycle management that can advance our ability to get there?

Sheila Boudreau

Resilient TOgether Planning for Green Infrastructure

Matthew Dawe

Infrastructure & Planning Approaches For More Resilient Systems

Reid McDougall

Data driven asset management

Harry Seah

Water Resiliency in Singapore

Peter Steblin

Balancing Idealism with Pragmatism — Coquitlam’s Mountainside Story

Communications: Public concerns, facts and tough decisions

Water managers are often faced with making tough decisions that are not always popular with the public. This session will explore where connecting science and decisions to what matters to the public can help garner support and lead to more effective water management.

Trevor T. Hill


Dave Kains

Making Informed Decisions: Collecting and using market research data effectively for program/policy development

Dan McKinnon

Storm Water - The Hamilton Experience

Tanja McQueen

Engaging with the Public and Elected Officials to Safeguard Public Health & the Environment