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2017 Poster Titles

  • Optimizing Data Management for Source Water Protection in Municipalities
  • Utilities Kingston: Pipeline Asset Management Program
  • Addressing Gaps in Stormwater Infrastructure Management through Functionality, Resiliency and Sustainability Assessment
  • New Solutions for Sustainable Stormwater Management in Canada
  • Development of an Integrated Decision Support Tool (i-DST) for Grey-Green Infrastructure Planning across Diverse Climates
  • Balancing Water Needs Across the Landscape: A Case Study Application of a Watershed-scale Environmental Flows Framework
  • Getting the Most from Granular Activated Carbon in Drinking Water Treatment
  • Integrated Water Resource Evaluation Tool
  • Municipal Biosolids: State-of-the-Science
  • Cybersecurity Applications in Water Utilities
  • Biofilms in Large-scale Naturalized Experimental Research Streams: A Tool to Assess Advanced Wastewater Treatment Technologies
  • m-Water Management